Counselling and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy and counselling provide a confidential and safe space in which you can explore your difficulties, understand yourself at a deeper level and make necessary changes to your life.

At times we all struggle and reaching out for help can be an important part of getting through tough times. I believe in the power of talking as a way of understanding ourselves and making sense of our lives. Through the process of sharing our experiences we can begin to work out what we want out of life and can shape our future to look how we desire rather than staying in the same old stuck patterns. I work at depth to explore the underlying reasons for unhappiness and therefore therapy generally takes place over a longer term basis.

I generally work with those who have tried therapy before and are now looking to go deeper into themselves. It may be that you understand yourself well and have awareness about your stuck thoughts, feelings and behaviors but you are struggling to change them. Changing how you feel about something is the most challenging part of therapy. I use a combination of Psychotherapy models such as Transnational Analysis and Gestalt as well as mindfulness, shadow work and dream analysis to help you overcome and work through the blocks that keep you feeling stuck and depressed or anxious. True healing involves a deep exploration of yourself and being prepared to walk towards your difficult feelings rather than running way from them. I use a compassionate, presence based approach rooted in respect for our pain as well as our inherent wholeness.

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