Counselling and Psychotherapy

Therapy About Therapy

The first therapy session is an opportunity to talk about what difficulties you’re experiencing and what you would like to change. I will ask you some basic questions and explain a bit about how I work.

I offer medium to long term counselling and therapy depending on your needs. I am a professional and reliable therapist who will create a confidential and safe space in which you can explore your difficulties and make the necessary changes to your life. I believe in the power of talking and feeling our emotions in the presence of another person as a way of understanding ourselves deeply and making sense of our lives. Through the process of sharing our experiences we can begin to work out what we want out of life and can shape our future to look however we desire.

I work with a broad range of issues including anxiety, depression, work stress, panic attacks, relationship problems, loss, grief, loneliness, childhood trauma or a sense of worthlessness or emptiness in your life. These are just some of the things you can bring. Everyone is different and the session with be tailored to meet your needs to ensure you are getting the very best out of the process.


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