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Sadness can arise at any time and for no particular reason. It may be part of an underlying condition like depression or it may arise with no specific cause. It’s usual to think of sadness as an indication that something is wrong with us but it’s actually a natural and cleansing emotion with healing properties and the power to transform if you allow it.

If sadness is persistent and overwhelming It may be necessary to contact a professional for help in processing it in a healthy and balanced way. However, it’s also important to remember that sadness is a part of the natural process of grieving. Grieving can follow from any significant loss including the loss of a person, job, relationship, health or any major change. Often it’s tempting to skip past the grieving process and carry on with life as if nothing happened but this can cause problems later on down the line in the form of a sudden onset of anxiety or depression.

We can develop an unhealthy relationship with sadness if for example as children our sadness was not met with empathy and understanding by our family, caregivers, teachers etc. We can close off from the emotion and only allow ourselves to feel it during certain times like watching a sad film or when someone else is in pain. Or we find that we overreact to situations in our life and find that the sadness becomes huge and overwhelming.

Developing a healthy relationship with this emotion is important for our emotional wellbeing, to enable us to understand our hurts and difficulties and includes allowing ourselves to feel and express our pain in a supported and healthy way.

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