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When authentic power meets conflict

If you speak your truth from the heart, if you seek the best outcome for all concerned in times of conflict, if you act with integrity towards yourself and others that is your power, that’s all you have to do.

If the other doesn’t understand you or seeks to make you wrong, you don’t have to convince them of anything, let go of the need to prove yourself. There is nothing to prove. Sometimes we strive to reach a resolution when the other person is not interested in resolving things in a simple and honest way. For a myriad of reasons people can refuse to meet you in the middle, hear your side or want to move forward with the relationship. Let it go, it is an act of kindness to yourself to allow all to be as it is, even if that means things are left unfinished.

It’s a hard lesson to realise we can’t change other people’s unconscious perceptions and beliefs, nor can we always shield ourselves from their projections of who or what we are. In the end it’s not so important what others think, even if they turn against us or seek to make us powerless it isn’t a reflection of our worth.

The most important thing always is that we don’t turn against ourselves, abandon ourselves and hurt ourselves more in the process. We can choose to stay in the light of our own consciousness where peace and power coexist. Not power over another but the power of honesty and truth. We can stand in our own integrity and know that we’ve tried our best to do the right thing. Then we remain centred in ourselves and can take this forward into more worthwhile relationships with people who are brave enough to stand in the fire with us and work through problems because they value the relationship enough to do that. In this place of true power, deeply meaningful relationships are forged.

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