Counselling and Psychotherapy

The path to wholeness

Telling our story in the presence of another is a powerful way to understand ourselves at a deeper level. As the story infolds, we begin to see patterns of behaviour that we have lived over and over again which keep leading down the same difficult road. This may be in relation to things in the outer world such as in our job, relationships, financially etc. What we create in the outer world is a reflection of what we are creating internally and how we see ourselves. We all hold beliefs about who we are, what we deserve and what is acceptable for us and what isn’t. For example, we may have an underlying belief that life is a struggle and this will be reflected in our day to day life where everything appears to be challenging and nothing seems to work out how we want. Many of us hold these beliefs without even realising it, we see is that life is hard but have no idea why.

So telling our story is more than just saying the words. It gives voice to those parts that we have forgotten but continue to influence our lives, often in negative ways. These “blockages” in our system can be memories, beliefs, thought processes, emotions or traumas and will continue to influence how we live. Awareness and understanding is the first step towards creating the life we want to live.

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