Counselling and Psychotherapy

Spirituality and Psychotherapy

Spirituality and Psychotherapy can be a wonderful blend of the human and divine, leading us into ever deeper explorations of psyche and soul, sun and moon, heaven and earth. Together they can lead us towards an understanding and embodiment of the peace and joy that we long for which arises when we are able to […]

When authentic power meets conflict

If you speak your truth from the heart, if you seek the best outcome for all concerned in times of conflict, if you act with integrity towards yourself and others that is your power, that’s all you have to do. If the other doesn’t understand you or seeks to make you wrong, you don’t have […]

The Lost Art of Self Care

Jennifer KEnnedy Counselling and Psychotherapy

We often think of self-care in terms of having a relaxing bath or a massage, eating well, exercising and generally taking care of our physical well-being. These things are important in maintaining a healthy self but they’re only a small part of the whole picture. Self-care is also about looking after and nurturing our mind and spirit as well […]

The path to wholeness

Telling our story in the presence of another is a powerful way to understand ourselves at a deeper level. As the story infolds, we begin to see patterns of behaviour that we have lived over and over again which keep leading down the same difficult road. This may be in relation to things in the […]


Sadness can arise at any time and for no particular reason. It may be part of an underlying condition like depression or it may arise with no specific cause. It’s usual to think of sadness as an indication that something is wrong with us but it’s actually a natural and cleansing emotion with healing properties […]

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is experienced by most people at one time or another. It is different to stress in that it tends to last longer and when sever can have a crippling effect on our day to day life. Whilst stress is often triggered by an external event such as an accident, financial pressures or relationship problems, […]

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